Project Detail

Bertsch-Frank & Associates, LLC is one of the few firms in the area to offer high-definition surveying(HDS). This service involves using a high-definition laser scanner to produce highly accurate models and mapping of complex areas. The instrument scans any object or area in its field of view and creates a complete raw data set in the form of a 3D image made up of millions of points of data, called a point cloud. Benefits include:

  • Safe Data Capture & Historic Preservation
  • Building Information Modeling
  • Reduce Job Costs
  • Minimize Time On-Site
  • Fast Updates (Add Data Already Scanned)
  • Accurate & Complete As-Builts
  • Minimize Facility Downtime
  • Eliminate Return Trips
  • 4D Scanning (XYZ Data Over Time)
  • Reverse Engineering/Identify Manufacturing Workflows
  • Early Identification Of Conflicts
  • Forensic & Crime Scene Preservation
  • Maximize Shop Fabrication

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